Our core team is comprised of leaders with deep knowledge in Technology, Data, and Marketing and a passion for building effective and meaningful future-facing AI applications.


sova dynamic teams

A SOVA core that knows your business inside & out

Our core team is comprised of partners, directors, and key execution staff dedicated to understanding our clients' challenges and objectives, working closely with them on every project. They ensure cohesion across project-specific specialist teams, maintaining broad client goals and standards. With hands-on involvement from our partners in relevant areas, each project is meticulously guided to exceed expectations, embodying our commitment to doing uncommonly good work for our clients.

Assembling the right team for any job. Every time.

The success of every individual AI-based project depends on the the skills and expertise of the team that brings it to life. What’s often not so clear is that each and every project is comprised of a unique blend of requirements and disciplines that make AI effective, and no company can maintain a staff with a broad enough base of expertise to cover them all. So often what this means is you'll land somewhere between good enough and disappointing. But it doesn’t have to work like that. SOVA’s Dynamic Teams model is designed from the ground up so that no matter what the project, the team executing it is the right team for the job.