The AI Era of marketing is here
For the past decade we've  watched companies such as Google and Facebook collect and leverage customer data to create effective and personalized experiences.

While we could see this approach driving them past competition to become trillion dollar companies, it wasn’t accessible without hiring a massive team of the world’s best engineers.AI democratization has changed this. Today, any company can similarly become a data-driven growth machine, with the right solution and employed practices.

We’ve developed our TALON platform to help marketers do just that.By using AI with existing high-fidelity, complete, integrated data, your organization can drive marketing results you never thought possible.We can help you achieve these results, by establishing the right data foundation and AI tools.


The practical system for AI in marketing

AI authors and futuristic robots make for great videos, but TALON is laser focused on bringing the power of AI to the most important parts of your marketing system.

TALON AI is a intelligent  marketing system that is implemented by SOVA and customized to leverage the tools and data you have in-house.
The 3 Keys to Capitalizing on AI in Marketing

1. Better Data

A research process that digs deep to help you pinpoint how & where AI can drive value
Successfully building for the future requires a solid foundation. What that means to us is a comprehensive suite of services that can meet you where you are — from AI training that levels up your knowledge of what’s possible and how to harness it — to tailored Problem and Use Case Analysis, Market and Consumer Insights, and rigorous deep-dive understanding and analysis designed to equip you with confidence to go big. Then we work with you to build the right AI Strategy and Roadmap to make it happen. This holistic approach ensures deep understanding and strategic planning for tackling anything — from internal company challenges to specific market and technological challenges.
Invest in your data foundation.

2. Automation & Scale

Over the past two decades, marketing has shifted to become a data-driven practice.
The right data lets you know who is interested, how to reach them, and the best way to communicate with them. For example, interest data can help identify opportunities for outreach, while accurate contact data ensures you can reach your audience through digital and traditional channels. Additionally, bio and interest data provide a deeper understanding of how to position products and services based on prior interactions. AI is driving this shift even further by enabling companies to collect, clean, and leverage the customer and prospect data that is already flowing through their organization but remains underutilized.
Make things happen, automatically.

3. AI + Human Tools

Human in the loop systems make people perform better.
One of the key takeaways from the early AI era has been that collaborative nature between people + AI establishes a winning combination.  With the right AI tools powered by the right data, the people in your organization do more AND do what they do better than before.
Give your team the AI tools the deserve.