Even in AI, success remains a product of the right process & the right people
We leverage decades of experience in analytic software, data, human-centered design, and marketing mixed with a healthy dash of ingenuity to craft AI-driven solutions that give businesses, and people, an edge.
SOVA is an advisory, services & product company that blends AI innovation, human and customer-centered design, and marketing expertise, paired with a deep passion for making things that help businesses, and people, thrive.
THE sova triad

AI, Design, Marketing

The triad of strengths that form SOVA's foundation. These aren't just buzzwords; they're three powerful disciplines vital for adeptly navigating and scaling businesses in today's fast-evolving landscape — invaluable tools on their own work even better together. From sophisticated tools that provide insights and guidance to compelling brand narratives and advertising, down to the nuts and bolts of functional systems, products, and applications – SOVA is designed to tackle it all and more.
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From talking toasters to drug discovery, AI is quickly permeating everything. Useful across the gamut from personal and professional organization to creative brainstorming to security and data analysis it is becoming increasingly critical to implement AI strategies and tools to stay ahead of the game. The range of possibility is vast, but to harness AI successfully is to start with understanding the problem(s) you need to solve.

The power of AI alone is poised to reshape our experience of the world. Critically, though, It needs to be usable and accessible for everyone it touches for it to be truly successful. Design is the engine that will make AI most functionally usable for the widest range of people. Marketing will be gateway that explains its value and makes it accessible.


Design is less a thing we make than a way we think — from research to inception to execution, understanding how things and ideas might be conceived and crafted to be most effective for the audiences that use or interact with them. The range of possibility is vast, but to harness Design successfully is to start with understanding the problem(s) you need to solve. 

Approaching challenges through disciplined design process has proven transformational on its own. The addition of AI as a companion allows us to devise and execute a universe of previously impossible human-centered and data-driven solutions. Inject marketing’s strategic storytelling and you get a critical leg up, driving adoption more quickly with target audiences in an environment where everything moves at the speed of light.


We approach marketing as an art of subtle and deft strategic persuasion. Virtually no idea or product, or philosophy — or anything, really — gains traction without well researched, strategized, and crafted marketing that knows its audience. The range of possibility… also vast, but like AI and Design, to harness Marketing successfully is to start with understanding the problem(s) you need to solve.

Design and AI take Marketing’s already formidable power and put it on steroids. Think of design as marketing’s constant companion, working hand in glove to elevate and support marketing concepts and strategies with incredible brands and audience driven experiences. When we add the analytical and generative power of marketing-centric AI tools we unlock a powerful new world of possibility.
sova process


From Research to Rollout.

AI's rapid rise presents unprecedented opportunity, but it's all about working with the right partner... and the right process. Our full-spectrum process is designed to meet you where you are on your AI journey to help you discover and unleash AI's maximum potential benefit to your business objectives.


A research process that digs deep to help you pinpoint how & where AI can drive value
Successfully building for the future requires a solid foundation. What that means to us is a comprehensive suite of services that can meet you where you are — from AI training that levels up your knowledge of what’s possible and how to harness it — to tailored Problem and Use Case Analysis, Market and Consumer Insights, and rigorous deep-dive understanding and analysis designed to equip you with confidence to go big. Then we work with you to build the right AI Strategy and Roadmap to make it happen. This holistic approach ensures deep understanding and strategic planning for tackling anything — from internal company challenges to specific market and technological challenges.
What comes out of a Research phase?
AI Knowledge
Strategic Approach
Informed Decision Making
Strategic Roadmap
Competitive Advantage

Planning + Design

Proper planning and design are the foundation that ensure the right outcomes for the right audience at the right time
Through planning and design we transform the deep knowledge and strategic bedrock of research into executable action. Our planning process leverages our AI expertise and explores custom software, out of the box solutions and hybrid approaches to design the right solution to match our research – resulting in detailed plans that harness user-centered AI-driven tools, workflows, and process. Our human and customer-centered design framework ensures that everything from systems to experience, architecture, and interface is designed to connect deeply with its intended audience.
What comes out of a Planning phase?
Adaptive System Frameworks
System Design Workflows
User Experience Workflows


From building custom tools & systems at any scale to integrating third party platforms we've got you covered
Our tech-forward, human-centered approach to development translates into tangible purpose-built systems that harness the power of next-gen AI technologies while striking a balance that keeps you in control. This includes developing custom AI SaaS applications, integrating AI into workflow tools and automation, providing product, engineering and system design advisory, and integrating third-party AI software seamlessly. This comprehensive approach ensures tailored, efficient solutions that fit your current needs, designed to expand and grow as your organization and AI technology evolves.
What comes out of a Development phase?
Scalable & Flexible Systems
Enhanced Workflow Automation
Custom AI SaaS Applications
Purpose-Built Systems
Custom Tools & Systems


You built it. Will they come? We can help you make sure they do
We don’t just build it, we help you ensure the adoption of AI systems and initiatives through a holistic approach that includes how it gets introduced — strategic marketing, communication, and multimedia design support — both within your organization, and for your customers. This includes meticulous go-to-market execution, effective branding, comprehensive user training and communication, as well as targeted digital marketing strategies and incentive structures designed to ensure successful deployment and adoption of future-facing AI solutions.
What comes out of a Rollout phase?
Targeted Digital Marketing Strategy
Comprehensive User Training
Brand Development
Go-To-Market Execution
Customer Engagement
Internal Organizational Support
Communication Design
Strategic Marketing Execution