May 2, 2024
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There are Two Types of Organizations: Those Who are Great at AI and Everybody Else

A few weeks ago, I watched an interview on CNBC with Mark Cuban, and one quote really stood out:

Mark Cuban: “There’s only two types of companies in this world, Morgan, those who are great at AI and everybody else. If you don’t know AI, you are going to fail, period, end of story. Whether you are an employee, you’re going to have to understand it and impact -- how it impacts your job or how you can use it to be better at your job. Same if you’re a student, the same thing. And if you’re a CEO, you can’t just say, OK, I’m going to get my tech guys to understand it and educate me on it. You have to understand it, because it will have significant impact on every single thing that you do. There’s no avoiding it.”

Grasping the nuances of AI is undoubtedly a time-consuming task. It's not only about the technological aspects but also about understanding its strategic implications, both now and in the future. AI is transforming industries rapidly, yet it's a concept still new to most. Although AI and machine learning (ML) have been components of software implementations for years, their recent advancements have truly begun to reshape our world at an unprecedented pace. Like really fast. 

Chart developed by SOVA

Currently, from startups to enterprises, we observe organizations generally falling into one of three broad stages in their AI adoption:

Initial Awareness: Based on our experience, roughly 70-80% of organizations are here, just starting to understand the need to integrate AI. If this is you, it’s crucial to start planning how AI will be activated within your organization.

Full Implementation: Comprising 20-30% of organizations, this group is actively deploying AI, whether through existing tools, newly created solutions, or a hybrid approach.

Reflecting on Mark Cuban’s insights, it’s clear that whether your organization is just starting out or already advancing in AI integration, the journey is critical. Here are a few steps to consider if you are still working through A Transformation:

  • Learning Sessions: Educate your leadership about AI and the current landscape.
  • Discovery: Conduct thorough investigations to ensure that your AI implementations solve actual challenges or enhance operations within your organization.
  • Futuring: Engage a firm to forecast potential intersections between your industry, organization, and AI technology.

If you are at the implementation stage, we have seen a skills gap in most IT departments for deep AI expertise. Developing AI solutions is an art that most IT departments don’t have the capacity nor expertise to develop at scale.

At SOVA, we're committed to guiding companies at any stage of their AI journey. We have the expertise and experience to help you navigate this transformative path. If you’re looking for a trusted partner, we would be delighted to connect and assist you in leveraging AI to its fullest potential.

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